DIN setting calculator

Calculate binding settings for ski bindings online

The DIN setting is the trigger value at which the bindings of your skis should open.
The value of your ski binding can be calculated by specifying weight, age and experience using ISO 11088.
Use our free DIN setting calculator to calculate the setting.

DIN setting calculator

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DIN setting
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What is a DIN setting?

The DIN setting describes the correct trigger value of a ski binding. This is to prevent injury during skiing. Injuries can occur if the bond is either not (or too late) or too early triggers. Both can be very dangerous. Therefore, it is important to find a compromise. The goal is to limit the torque on the skier's shin. With the help of empirical investigations of ski accidents the standard DIN / ISO 11088 was written. With their help, a good value for setting the ski binding can be determined with little effort.